COVERSCRIPT TIPS – Food for Thought

If you’re serious about getting others interested in buying and producing your screenplay, then before sitting down to write one there are some questions you might want to first consider.

  1. Does the premise and story stand out from the thousands upon thousands of others that are submitted to industry professionals in the hopes of being bought for production?
  1. Is it different, unique or fresh enough to make it hold up to comparison and/or surpass those similar properties that have already been produced?
  1. Will it convince financiers to invest the tens of millions of dollars that it would take to get it up on screen?
  1. Are the major characters so interesting and so intriguing that key stars would “kill for the roles?”
  1. Does the story/plot show such promise that producers, directors, and the other creative talent would be willing to spend a year, two years or more of their lives bringing the story to the screen?
  1. Is it entertaining enough to draw millions upon millions to theaters worldwide?
  1. And would those who saw the film tell their friends that it’s a “must see?”

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