COVERSCRIPT TIPS – Why? Will? Who? What? When? Where? How?

Why do you want to write the story?

Will the subject matter entertain/interest others as much as it entertains/interests you?

What makes your story fresh/unique/different from the thousands of stories already produced or the thousands still sitting on producers’ desks waiting to be read?

When does your story take place?

Where does it take place?

Who is your story mostly about – the protagonist?

Around what central dramatic question does your major story revolve?

What’s at stake should your protagonist fail…the consequences that will be suffered?

What is the reward should the protagonist succeed?

Who is your antagonist or “other force” that constantly works against your protagonist?

What is the reason your antagonist doesn’t want your protagonist to succeed?

What are the obstacles created by your antagonist or other force that your protagonist must overcome in order to succeed?

How is the protagonist going to overcome those obstacles?

What is/are the complete answers to your central dramatic question?

What are the less important dramatic questions around which your subplots revolve?

What is/are the complete answer(s) to the questions posed in your subplots?

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