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Lynne Pembroke

Author of The Caterpillarian Chronicles.  E-book available on Amazon Kindle.

Owner of Coverscript.com where I’ve spent twenty plus years providing screenplay and teleplay coverage and analysis, as well as editing, polishing, rewriting, and ghostwriting services for new and seasoned writers, independent producers, studios and agents.

On this blog I’ll be posting, hopefully, helpful information on the screenwriting process that I’ve gathered down through the years while working with hundreds of writers.

I hope you’ll enjoy the articles I’ll be posting from time to time, and that you’ll take a look at the services I offer at http://www.coverscript.com.

A few testimonials:

Philip M. Cohen, Chief Creative Officer,  Executive Producer

Saddle Ranch Pictures, Inc.

“As a film financier and producer I get an average of 10 script submissions a week from writers, independent producers, sales agents and distributors. Some I discard and some I pursue. I have had Lynne Pembroke doing my script reviews and coverage for about a year and can’t say enough about both her professionalism and her insight into the process.  At this point I’ve gotten to a place where I won’t consider a script for funding without Lynne reviewing it.”

S. L., Former Director

The Walt Disney and ABC Entertainment Writing Fellowship Program And Former Vice President, ABC Current Comedy Series

“As Director of the program before my recent retirement, I can vouch for Lynne’s excellent coverage.  As a reader with the Program since its inception in 1990…Lynne lived up to her reputation.  Lynne’s enthusiasm and obvious love of the work, coupled with her efficient ability to handle volumes of scripts without sacrificing insight and critical analysis, made her a very valuable asset to our Program.”

G.F. Screenplay Coverage Client – Valencia, California

“I knew I needed help from a professional script analyst, but I didn’t want just anybody to play such an important part in the development of my work. I had five screenplays that needed coverage and notes. Establishing the relationship was as simple as clicking onto Lynne’s URL. Lynne’s comments were so cogent and pertinent that they could not be ignored and I can honestly say that being introduced to her is the best thing that’s ever happened to my writing. Without her help, my scripts would never have attracted the kind of response they did; one optioned, another exclusively represented by a WGA Agent, and one being developed by a manager/producer. Her complete honesty is tempered by the gentle care she communicates while targeting specific problems and offering specific solutions. I highly recommend Lynne to anyone serious about moving to the next step in this business.”

B. F., Screenplay Coverage Client  – Santa Cruz, CA.

 “First of all, your feedback made all the difference to our screenplay. We went through and completely revised it and sent it along to an agent in NYC who had read the earlier version. He said…Somewhere between that first version and this one you learned how to write a screenplay…I gave credit where credit was due. He’s now representing it, with great enthusiasm, thanks to you.”

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  1. thanks for the follow Lynne 🙂 I’v just joined WP and still stumble around in it like the elephant in that china shop. Interesting vita you have. I’ve done a MA in Feature Film Screenwriting and than worked as a script reader for a while, very interesting 🙂 sorry for the ramble, not sure whether that’s part of the WP etiquette, in any case, I’m looking forward to reading your posts.


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