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Good morning!

As owner of I’ve spent twenty plus years providing screenplay and teleplay coverage and analysis, as well as rewriting and ghostwriting for new and seasoned writers, independent producers, studios and agents.

On this blog I’ll be posting, hopefully, helpful information on the screenwriting process that I’ve gathered down through the years while working with hundreds of writers.

I hope you’ll enjoy the articles I’ll be posting from time to time at this blog, and that you’ll take a look at the services I offer at


What part of your protagonist’s life is relevant for the audience to know in the first ten pages of the screenplay?  Do we need to know deep down who she/he is right from the start in order to understand and connect with the protagonist?  Do we need to know where she/he works?  Is it relevant we know where she/he’s been, what she/he has done?  Is it relevant we know where she/he comes from?  Is it relevant to know where your protagonist thinks or hopes she/he’s headed?  Will your protagonist be someone with whom the audience will willingly identify and make that all important emotional connection?  Who are the other major players we need to meet in the opening pages?  Do I know how I’m going to impart to the audience the mood and backdrop of the story?  If there is one, what is my story’s theme?  Where are we?  When are we?  What’s the financial, political, economic, and/or social climate – are any or all of those necessary for us to know, right from the start, to understand and enjoy the upcoming story?  What’s my story’s genre…is your audience expected to laugh? Cry?  Be afraid?  Be anxious?  What’s my story’s inciting incident – that event which kicks off the story?  Will that inciting incident “hook” my audience?  Is that inciting incident of the protagonist’s own making or does it come from an external influence?  Is the central dramatic question of the piece interesting, or intriguing, or exciting, or mysterious, or funny enough to make my audience want to stick around for the next two or so hours to find out how the central dramatic question is answered?

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