COVERSCRIPT TIPS – Don’t Fall in Love

I repeat…Do not fall in love with any portion of your screenplay!

Because when you do, it makes it difficult to get rid of “your darlings” even if you know the overall flow of the piece would be better without it or them.

So, you need to remain willing to cut a scene, or a character, or a piece of action, or dialogue, or anything else if it doesn’t quite work for the story.

It may momentarily break your heart, but if it doesn’t do one of the following five things, you need to gird your loins, grit your teeth and CUT IT!  

1. Move the main story forward along its through-line revealing new story information to the audience.

2. Show us something new about a character that has relevance to the story. 

3. Develop a subplot that is closely related to and enhances the primary story line. 

4. Provide the minimal information necessary to the audience’s understanding and/or appreciation of the story.

5. Provide an element of comic relief (rarely).

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